Mobile Desert Camps In Erg Chigaga Dunes

This kind of desert camps provides a basic level of comfort. It's for people looking for real adventure. The mobile desert camps are generally used in long camel trekking experiences or also in long quad biking / ATV adventures in the desert. Our team will each day set up your tent to allow you to have a rest and prepare for the next day adventure. This will allow you to walk through nomads path.

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Adventure Junkies, Let's Go Beyond The Limits

The mobile desert camp is for the persons on the move. This will make it very basic but comfortable to provide you with a very refueling night sleep. Each night our team will set up your tent in different locations depending on your trekking itinerary. Erg Chigaga dunes is the most adapted desert destination for long camel trekking and quad biking experiences. That's why we offer this kind of desert camps in Erg Chigaga desert adventures. For Erg Chebbi dunes, it's not that wide enough to hold this kind of desert adventures.

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