Morocco Desert Adventures

Live an amazing experience once in the desert in one of tours. You can enjoy all kind of desert activities. Sandboarding, camel trekking and Berber music around the fire under stars at night are included in all our tours. ATV/Quad biking can be taken as extra.

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Desert adventures in Morocco

Morocco Desert Tours

Sandboarding In The Desert Of Morocco

Enjoy sandboarding in Morocco in one of the biggest sand dunes in north Africa. In Erg Chegaga dunes or in Erg Chebbi dunes, you can practice your favorite sport and surf in the sand. We provide this adventure in almost all our desert tours. All you have to do, is when you will book a tour, tell us that you want to include sandboarding in your desert package. You can also have a special dedicated desert sandboarding tour. Just let us know.

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Morocco Desert Tours

Camel Trekking In The Desert Of Morocco

The Morocco camel trekking adventure represent one of the most exotic desert activities. Camel trekking is generally included in all our private desert tours and desert camping products. Camel trekking consist on riding your camel for an hour or two or even more if you want with our desert guide. The Morocco camel trekking experience will make you discover the mystery of the desert and live the lifestyle of Nomads and Berber people. Ride a camel might be for travelers a very exotic and amazingly unique experience.

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Morocco Desert Tours

Quad Biking And ATV In The Desert Of Morocco

The quad biking and ATV experience is a great choice for mechanic sport lovers. We provide an easy way to arrange your quad biking / ATV in sahara desert. This adventure can be booked as a part of any Morocco desert tour. It can be inlcuded in all our 3 days desert tours or more. The quad biking / ATV desert adventure can also be booked as a dedicated desert adventure package. This will allow you to go deeper in the desert. Our assistance team will guide you and prepare everyday your food and everynight your mobile desert camp.

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